The Handmaid’s Tale Is an Advocate for the Power of Storytelling

The Handmaid’s Tale Is an Advocate for the Power of Storytelling

When it involves ladies, Gilead’s modus operandi is obvious: drive them into submission by any method attainable. Usually, that takes the type of bodily violence, perpetuated from prime to backside as begets the sample in a well-defined energy hierarchy. But there’s one other much less apparent and quiet approach of oppression in the totalitarian regime – outlawing ladies from studying or writing, and therefore taking away their voice – which regularly goes unnoticed as a result of it’s absent from the display screen versus the ubiquitous present of authority. The second season of The Handmaid’s Tale, notably its second half, explored simply that from a number of angles.

Crucial to which are two items of narration supplied by the protagonist Offred (Elisabeth Moss) throughout the nearly-wordless present-day sequences in the eleventh episode of the season, “Holly”, which ends with the start of the eponymous child lady, named after her grandmother (Cherry Jones) seen earlier in the season. Towards the finish, she says she’s telling her story as a result of she desires “you” to listen to it and provides: “By telling you anything at all, I’m believing in you. I believe you into being. Because I’m telling you this story, I will your existence. I tell. Therefore, you are.”

Offred’s traces are lifted from Margaret Atwood’s ebook on which the present is predicated, whilst the second season largely takes place past the phrases penned by the Canadian creator. Though the episode doesn’t make clear who the “you” is, it may be inferred from previous parts in the present, the ebook’s epilogue that’s set in a far-off future, and a clarification supplied by writer-producer Kira Snyder, who co-scripted the antepenultimate chapter with creator and showrunner Bruce Miller. The Handmaid’s Tale started with the click on of a tape recorder, the epilogue states her story was discovered on cassette tapes, and Snyder stated as a lot in a current interview.

handmaids tale season 2 offred The Handmaids Tale season 2

Elisabeth Moss as Offred in The Handmaid’s Tale season 2
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“She’s talking to the baby, she’s talking to some unknown future listener of the story that she’s recording, because these are recordings that a future June is making of her experiences in Gilead, and I think she’s also talking to us the viewer,” Snyder advised The Hollywood Reporter. “So to me, it addresses a few different yous.” But extra importantly, the truth the narration exists means Offred will get to inform her story and make her voice heard, in direct opposition to Gilead’s makes an attempt to silence people who it doesn’t deem worthy.

The means to inform tales is what makes us human. And for the marginalised, having a voice is all the extra important: it proves their existence. The plight of the Yazidi ladies or these half of the world #MeToo motion is understood as a result of their tales had been heard. But tens of millions nonetheless reside in totalitarian, orthodox and patriarchal regimes round the world – as is the case of the fictional Gilead on the present – and lack the freedom to speak the each day oppressions they face, not to mention search justice. The query then turns into: if the Gileadean handmaids don’t get to inform their tales, did their struggling truly occur?

The second season briefly touched upon the influence of the handmaids’ tales in the ninth episode “Smart Power”, after the Waterford family driver and Offred’s former lover Nick (Max Minghella) handed the bundle of letters to June’s husband Luke (O.T. Fagbenle), who uploaded all the pieces to the Internet. Their tales triggered a ripple impact with the Canadian authorities pressured to cancel the diplomatic talks with Gilead representatives – Commander Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) amongst them – in mild of the protests from the enraged Canadian public. It hit Gilead the place it hurts most, their already-in-the-dumps economic system, thereby exhibiting the energy of phrases.

handmaids tale season 2 nick The Handmaids Tale season 2

Max Minghella as Nick in The Handmaid’s Tale season 2
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And that’s exactly why the authorities council – of which Waterford is a component – takes such a harsh view of Serena aka Mrs. Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski) asking for equality between child girls and boys born in Gilead after which studying from the Bible in the season 2 finale “The Word”, as a result of they’re afraid and conscious of the place it will lead. Her punishment carries a penalty of a finger for a primary offence – foreshadowed in an earlier scene between Emily (Alexis Bledel) and her new commander Joseph (Bradley Whitford) – and Waterford permits it because of the public nature of her enchantment and having witnessed her capabilities in the months prior.

For Serena, it serves as one more reminder that she has no energy in the world she helped construct, although she enjoys a standing and life that’s much better than what Offred and her red-robed-ilk endure. Even as she enjoys lording over Offred and hates her guts, she is aware of it’s solely her handmaid who actually has her again. In a world that has roughly hit the reset button on ladies’s rights, all they’ve left is one another to depend upon and speak in confidence to. Their relationship has swung forwards and backwards since the starting as they discover frequent floor and set up a spot of belief, which is then damaged repeatedly by means of their very own actions or occasions round them.

Despite being denied a request to see her daughter Hannah, Offred agrees to assist Serena along with her husband’s authorities work for months. Later, when Serena tells Offred of the Putnam’s child falling sick, the latter encourages the former to do all the pieces in her energy to briefly switch a former prime neonatologist now working as a Martha, which leads to Serena forging her husband’s signature. She pays for her efforts with a belt whipping, which pushes her relationship with Offred again on ice, and it’s additional deteriorated by her false labour alarms and second try and run away. It takes dropping a finger for her to grasp the price of privileged ladies in Gilead, and why she agrees to let the child – what she gave up all the pieces for – be smuggled out in the season finale.

handmaids tale season 2 finale serena The Handmaids Tale season 2 finale

Yvonne Strahovski as Serena in The Handmaid’s Tale season 2 finale
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk/Hulu

Her brush with Gileadean regulation might very properly have a basic change on her character in season 3, that’s if her spirit isn’t fully damaged. Serena can be way more receptive to the defection provide she obtained from a US spy working for Hawaii, one of the two states Gilead hasn’t been capable of overthrow alongside Alaska. It’ll be attention-grabbing if The Handmaid’s Tale commits to such a storyline for a foremost character, given an escape from Gilead ends in a heavily-minimised presence on the present. Cases in level: Emily’s life in the Colonies, or Luke and Co. in Canada.

It’s partly why Offred didn’t be part of her child and Emily in the finale. The writers nonetheless have handmaid tales to inform, and it turns into a lot harder to do this in the event that they let Offred out of Gilead. Sure, half of the justification comes from Offred eager to be close to Hannah, however regardless of how a lot the present pulls on that narrative thread, there’ll at all times be a whiff of plot-necessity to the complete factor. At the identical time, this fixed back-and-forth of giving and taking away hope – for the character and in flip, the viewers – works as a metaphor for The Handmaid’s Tale as a present.

The Hulu collection is aware of how miserable it may be to observe Offred’s journey, much like what she says in her narration. Time and once more, crushed down by the mechanisms of Gilead, she’s near giving up earlier than she will get a bit of excellent news, offering her the hope she wants to drag by means of. And the present does the identical with its viewers, be it by way of Offred’s self-empowering statements to herself or the present’s musical cues throughout its finish credit, that are normally out of tune with the harrowing occasions of the previous hour. It’s virtually as if the present feels obliged to supply one thing to carry viewers again, given the atrocities on show.

Of course, actual life is not like that. There’s no sugar-coating in the type of fight-the-power feel-good songs for the tens of millions of ladies and kids dwelling beneath oppression worldwide, only a seemingly lifelong battle with the circumstances they had been born into. All their tales should be heard identical to Offred’s, and The Handmaid’s Tale pushes that argument by holding up a mirror to society, one which’s timeless and horrifying. It’s not crucial TV, it’s a wake-up name. To keep in mind, to hear, to talk up, to exist.

The Handmaid’s Tale season 2 is at present streaming on Hulu, and can quickly be accessible on Blu-ray and digital.

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