Facebook Data of 136,000 US Users Still Out in the Wild: Report

Facebook Data of 136,000 US Users Still Out in the Wild: Report

Despite British consultancy agency Cambridge Analytica’s declare that it has deleted knowledge of over 50 million Facebook customers, parts of the knowledge remains to be out in the wild, the media reported.

According to a report in UK’s Channel four News, the cache of marketing campaign knowledge from a Cambridge Analytica supply particulars 136,000 people in the US state of Colorado, “along with each person’s personality and psychological profile”.

“The data, which dates from 2014, was used by Cambridge Analytica to target specific messages at residents who would be most susceptible to them,” the report mentioned.

Cambridge Analytica had earlier claimed that it has erased the knowledge from the public area.

The firm acquired the consumer knowledge from a Facebook app years in the past that presupposed to be a psychological analysis software; nonetheless, the agency was not authorised to have that data.

Cambridge Analytica has been accused of influencing the end result of the United Kingdom’s 2016 Brexit referendum and of the 2016 American presidential election that introduced Donald Trump to the White House.

In a latest look earlier than British Parliament, ex-Cambridge programmer Christopher Wylie shocked delegates by stating that he had little doubt that his former employer had manipulated the Brexit referendum and the 2016 US presidential election and damaged the legislation.

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